Reasons Why Insurance Companies Deny Your Claim For Storm Damage

After a natural disaster, such as a tornado or hurricane, many people file insurance claims to have their property repaired or replaced. However, not all of these claims are approved. In fact, some are denied completely. There are several reasons why an insurance company might deny Storm Damage Claims. In this blog post, we will discuss the most common reasons and provide tips on how to avoid them.

In the event of a disaster, it is important to file an insurance claim as soon as possible. It can take a long time for the process to be completed and this will delay getting back on track financially after suffering such losses due to property damage caused by natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes.

One of the most common reasons for an insurance company to deny a claim is if the damage was not caused by the storm. For example, if your roof collapsed because of a faulty roofing job and not because of the storm, then the insurance company may deny your claim. Make sure that you have documentation to back up your claim, such as photos or video footage of the damage.

Another common reason for denial is when it is determined that the property sustained pre-existing damage that was not disclosed to the insurance company. This might include damage from a previous storm or water leak. If this is discovered after filing a claim, then the insurance company may deny it on those grounds.